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 ADK-Pharmaceutical equipment, biological extraction equipment, fruit and vegetable juice beverage production line

Subsidiary agricultural products deep precision processing solution-oriented
AiDeKe company focus on solution for subsidiary agricultural products deep precision processing 
AIDEKE company focus on all kinds of  healthy food processing design, technical formula,New factory layout and design,entirety technical processing layout.designing production line equipment  ,manufacturing all kinds of fruit and vegetable  nutrition cream food processing machine.beverage drink processing machine,condiment processing machine nutrition cream processing machine , microorganisms ferment and enzyme produstion line equipment pharmaceutical  extracting processing line equipment, installation  test  and debug , trial producing.techniacl training and  support, after sales  and turnkey project services Aideke  offer identification of project , product design and market position, and solution of engineer technical difficulty for user
corporation strength:existing tens of nanional invention patent , and practical patent, food machinery automatic control right and own the right to im-export of goods
corporation trend:Aideke invent a high efficience product ( ultralow temperature evaporator group), this equipment's technical is only top one in domestic. and also is top in the whole world, solve the problem which loss partly function.nutrition and organism in traditional high temperature processing for health food , pharmaceutical , biology muti-fields, this equipment own advanced technology simple operation , usage widely stable performance, super low energy consumption, and get the honor from customers recently successful sign order many sets
equipment sale:export to Europe Africa,Middle East,Southeast Asia India, Take up market most of domestic
corporate performance:Since its establishment in January 2011, it has made outstanding achievements in the industry. By 2017, its sales volume was nearly 7 million yuan, and its tax payment in Shanghai was more than 8 million yuan.
Part of the prospective customer list:Golden Dragon Fish Group, Haitian Soy Sauce, Wang Laoji, Xinjiang Tianye Group, China Food Group, Heitao Wine Industry, Weiwei Soybean Milk, Sunflower Pharmaceutical Industry, Luhua Group, Huapu Share, Zhuorange Group and other well-known large enterprises at home and abroad have become partners of Aideke Quan.

Corporate culture:Write what I want to do! Do what I write! Write what I have done!
Core values:Service specificity! Focus on your attitude! Technology major!
Service concept:Communicate with heart! Work hard! Serve with heart!

Cooperative Colleges:China Institute of Biological Fermentation Research and Design, Jiangnan University, Shanghai University, Southwest University and Dalian University of Technology (long-term strategic cooperation unit in project and research);
Supplier partners:German Siemens, British Spacek, German Iffamen, German Jiumao, French Schneider, Japanese Omron, Japanese Mitsubishi, Japanese Matsushita, Taiwan Yadekka and other partners;